Hellooooooo, my name is Sarunphon Boonto or you can call me Mook.    In 2020, I graduated  with a bachelor's degree of Product Design from Bangkok University. I'm junior furniture & product designer who love and interests in storytelling, psychology of shapes and colors, visual graphic, and color elements.


Concept of my work almost depends on the story that I want to express  through product.   I have interested in telling stories that invisible to the eyes or a story that cannot be seen in a shape or form of an object.  :-)

It refers to conceptual art that come out in the form of product design in order to compare the meaning to be  designed as a product or furniture  (for example Zodiac Floor Lamp Project, that is interpretation personality of the 12zodiac sign communicated meaning through form and function of  product, or e.g. Bear Hug Project. that tell story about bad effects of technology on environment)

I have a special passion for conceptual design, visual graphics, and colors. I also believe in the psychology of art that color and shape can effects to emotion and storytelling can adds more interesting afterwards.


Sarunphon Boonto



Award and Honors

(Design / Designer)


Internship at Filobula

Intern: Furniture Designer


MOU Project with Qualy 

Selected by Qualy


Finalist, MOU Project with Dinfi & Q  

Selected by Dinfi & Q (ceramic manufacturer)

Award Winner, of FAB Degree Project Award 2019-2020
Selected by Product Design Department, Bangkok University

Asst. Prof. Tan Pitiyanuwat (Chairperson, Product Design Department)


1 of 10 Emerging PLANT Designers 2021

Selected by Design PLANT - Emerging PLANT 2021 



Finalist, Emerging Designer of The Year Awards 2021, Furniture Design
Selected by Designer of the Year Awards, Thailand (2021)